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New Novel In Progress

new novel

New Novel In Progress

Below is an excerpt from one of the new novels I am working on, chapter 8, scene 2.

“We want this guy as much if not more than you do.”


“He has been implicated in various violent crimes, drug running, extortion etc. You name it and he has probably done it.”

“What I propose is for you to return home and let him come to you. We can put officers in your neighbours houses. You sit tight in your home. Or at least that’s what he will think you are doing. We have a WPC who has similar build as yourself plus her hair is the same colour and length as yours. When she arrives at your home we will let it out on the grapevine that you are back.”

“We can also offer you protection by the means of providing you with a new identity and relocation of you and your sons to another area.”

“Do I get to choose where I move to?”

“Of course.”

“So what will happen to the policewoman? I mean she could get hurt.”

“WPC Haley Dodd is a very capable woman, so do not concern yourself there. The moment Grady breaks into your home we move in and arrest him for home invasion with intent to do harm. That gets him off the streets while your case comes to court.”

“What about bail? He will come for us as soon as he is out on bail, won’t he?

“The first thing we need to do is for you to collect your kids and let us place you in protective custody. I have already convinced DCI Higgins that it will be worth the cost of the man-hours involved in such an operation.”

“WPC Dodd will drive your car of course.”

“So you are telling me that my children and I need to be virtually imprisoned for this to work,” stated Kathleen.

“Better to do this than have him or his thugs get to you.”

Kathleen sat in silence for a while and then said, “I need to think about this. I can not make a decision like this immediately.”

Bill handed her his card, “Call me when you decide. But please do not do anything rash.”

Kathleen took the outstretched card, “Am I free to go now?”

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