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New Poetry – Fledgelings



The sound was sweet
Upon my senses, it did sweep
The day began to heat
It was now time to sleep

Afternoon’s siesta done
Evening had begun
The birds again did sing
More and more in spring

Upon the wing, they hunt
Acrobatics like a stunt
Those that are fast
They are unsurpassed

The chicks all wait
Their bills agape
As fledgelings, they try
If only they could fly

Soon they will try
Madly flapping they flit
To flight, they commit
Through the air with grit

As they leave the nest
With puffed out chest
Parents now rest
They too leave the nest

© Hamish McKenna


The Widows Blade

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New Poetry – Alone



Do you sit alone in a crowd
Sitting beneath a thundercloud
Shrouded in doubt
You were once devout

There was a time when
Living was fun
Before the black dog begun
Do you think he has won?

Do not let him win
Find your strength within
Step away from the dark
Instead hear the lark

Let it lift your heart
From life, do not depart
Instead find and embrace
Your faith with it’s grace

© Hamish McKenna


Northward Ho