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Freeing The Spirit

Freeing The Spirit

The room was plain

It assaulted my brain

There was no decor

This fed my rancor

Again in the spiral

Thinking in vitriol

My mind was like acid

Impossible to be placid

I saw the blade

With my mind frayed

I cut a gouge

The blood was as rouge

Now on my knees

I beg saying please

The pressure slowed

As my lifeblood flowed

The blade now dropped

Beating heart now stopped

Looking down from above

Never having love

My spirit was now freed

I would never again bleed

Looking to the future

No more to be a brooder

Had I just cracked?

Was this a selfish act?

All I knew was life

Had been full of strife

I would now be in eternal sleep

Will never again weep

No need to flee

My spirit was free

© Hamish McKenna

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Through the darkened street

Cannot see through the sleet

A clandestine meeting

Who would be leading

The seed had been planted

The intention was

Have him supplanted

Slip in by circumvention

Arrival at the Inn

A secret knock to get in

Usurper’s all within

Creating quite a din

Argument of an intention

Was a cause of dissention

Dethrone the King

Hang him from a beam

A decision is made

The plan is laid

For success we prayed

We now form a brigade

Through the portcullis

Went the Kings subjects

A battle ensues

They had nothing to lose

Free from oppression

No more repression

The King dethroned

Our new King enthroned

The masses now celebrate

No longer irate

A celebratory fete

All appetites slaked

A calm now descended

The people contented

Changes implemented

The outcome was indeed, splendid

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2020 Life

2020 Life

Staying at home
No longer to roam
Imprisoned by life
Depression is rife

Where is our freedom
We are locked in a region
Living in a bubble
Feeling very friable

But we must endure
While they seek a cure
Our home is our castle
Till we again, can travel

© Hamish McKenna