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62 / 100


Through the darkened street

Cannot see through the sleet

A clandestine meeting

Who would be leading

The seed had been planted

The intention was

Have him supplanted

Slip in by circumvention

Arrival at the Inn

A secret knock to get in

Usurper’s all within

Creating quite a din

Argument of an intention

Was a cause of dissention

Dethrone the King

Hang him from a beam

A decision is made

The plan is laid

For success we prayed

We now form a brigade

Through the portcullis

Went the Kings subjects

A battle ensues

They had nothing to lose

Free from oppression

No more repression

The King dethroned

Our new King enthroned

The masses now celebrate

No longer irate

A celebratory fete

All appetites slaked

A calm now descended

The people contented

Changes implemented

The outcome was indeed, splendid

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