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Majesty – poetry by Hamish McKenna



Standing alone in the mass

An eon I see quickly pass

Each day is but a second

Suns’ flash is in that second

I stretch my arms far and wide

My fingers at the tip may be fried

So I drink and drink to survive

Consuming elements, others deprive

This minute is hot and dry

I withdraw inwards to comply

Summer storms, lightning flashes

The heat intense, fire and ashes

Autumn arrives, a hint of rain

Much needed to relieve the strain

In the rain I grow fresh and new

And so I live in leisure too

Morning droplets of nights dew

Add moisture in mornings debut

My canopy again complete

The flowers grow at my feet

The minions come, gape and awe

Camera’s flash with Ooh and Ahh

Groups come and go, blah blah

My life continues rugged n raw

In blissful ignorance do I live

Through each minute I survive

Unaware of your heinous sins

Unaware as the Ozone thins

© Hamish McKenna

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