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Mother Love

68 / 100


Fifteen minutes has passed

The sun is streaming through the window

Warming her face

The brightness of it pains her eyes

She looks away


Noise outside the window

Droplets of water that formed on the leaves

Now become rivulets on the central pathway

Travelling to the leaf tip and dropping

Splashing into the gathered puddles on the ground


Small birds flitting through the branches

Slaking their thirst with the freshly fallen life

Now chirping announcing their presence

For those who would listen


She turns to the sweet melodic sounds

Unable to see from where she lay

Kicks with delight making her own sounds

Still dazzled by the light there are shapes

Shapes and shadows on the reflective pane


Oh if she could make them out

A familiar sound approaches

She giggles and in her happy oblivion

The absence of knowledge blissful


Fifteen minutes had passed

Since she was placed here

Since the first drops of the summer shower

Driven to hit the window by the wind

Entertaining her eager mind


The large shadowy shape is here

There is a familiar pleasant scent

She burbles with pleasure at the touch

She floats effortlessly upward

Grasping the cloth in her tiny hand

She nestles in the bosom of her mother

© Hamish McKenna

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