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Twenty Twenty


Twenty Twenty

Who controls the juggernaut?

I know naught

View the behemoth with woe

It’s so hard to make it slow

Blinded by the light

Shone to hide the plight

The virus is insidious

Both insidious and vicious

Ensure that everyone cleans

Promises of vaccines

To be obtained by any means

Then made by using machines

Until that time comes to pass

We should do nothing that is rash

We have the strength within us

We hold the royal flush

Keep our distance, do not rush

And this virus we will crush

It will always be around

Do not fret, hold your ground

2020 has been a write-off

You know that I do not scoff

Let us look forward to 2021

Then, I pray, the battle will be won

© Hamish McKenna

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Night And Day

night and day

Night And Day

I awaken from the sleep

A sleep that had been so deep

No need to count the sheep

No danger of oversleep

Thoughts now flood my mind

Not all are bad

Some are kind

Others are sad

The depths of my mind

Are now entwined

It is as though they had been mined

The beast of doubt upon them dined

Conscious thought is all but lost

The threshold was now crossed

My alertness now quashed

In sleep I was again lost

The bedroom no longer dim

Morning light comes rushing in

Memory of the night now within

Lost to me without even tryin’

A fresh day now ahead

The previous night now shed

The dreams and fits were now in bed

I face the day without dread

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Freeing The Spirit

freeing the spirit

Freeing The Spirit

The room was plain

It assaulted my brain

There was no decor

This fed my rancor

Again in the spiral

Thinking in vitriol

My mind was like acid

Impossible to be placid

I saw the blade

With my mind frayed

I cut a gouge

The blood was as rouge

Now on my knees

I beg saying please

The pressure slowed

As my lifeblood flowed

The blade now dropped

Beating heart now stopped

Looking down from above

Never having love

My spirit was now freed

I would never again bleed

Looking to the future

No more to be a brooder

Had I just cracked?

Was this a selfish act?

All I knew was life

Had been full of strife

I would now be in eternal sleep

Will never again weep

No need to flee

My spirit was free

© Hamish McKenna