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Night And Day

night and day

Night And Day

I awaken from the sleep

A sleep that had been so deep

No need to count the sheep

No danger of oversleep

Thoughts now flood my mind

Not all are bad

Some are kind

Others are sad

The depths of my mind

Are now entwined

It is as though they had been mined

The beast of doubt upon them dined

Conscious thought is all but lost

The threshold was now crossed

My alertness now quashed

In sleep I was again lost

The bedroom no longer dim

Morning light comes rushing in

Memory of the night now within

Lost to me without even tryin’

A fresh day now ahead

The previous night now shed

The dreams and fits were now in bed

I face the day without dread

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The giving of life

Is there an afterlife ?

When the blooms fall

Will that be all ?

See how the seeds ripen

There will be a new eden

The seeds fall to earth

They create the rebirth

Dormant waiting for the season

They may be eaten

Eaten by an avian

Or into the soil sinking

Surviving the winter’s cold

In spring sprouting fourfold

We see a miracle occurring

Rainwater causes a stirring

The fresh water soaks the soil

The sprouts uncoil

Water gives life

To flora fauna to you, I, my wife

So think before you shower

For you have the power

Help prevent a barren land

Please don’t misunderstand

Our bodies are mostly water

Just make that shower shorter

© Hamish McKenna