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The Widows Blade Chapter Two Scene 2

The Widows Blade Chapter One
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The Widows Blade Chapter Two Scene 2

A few days had passed since the boys had been at ‘the site’ but Ben was determined to go back. “Mum will skin us if she finds out that we went back to the site, Ben.”

“Do not worry, she will never know. It is our secret, OK?”

“I guess.”

“Let’s go then.”

The boys kicked the ball around for a bit in the factory yard, but their curiosity got the better of them and the ventured back inside the derelict building.

“It stinks in here,” said Ben.

They wandered over to the far left of the warehouse and found an office cubicle that still had a couple of desks and chairs plus two cupboards. They started opening the doors and drawers looking for nothing in particular.

After five or so minutes of rummaging, Ben said, “Let’s go. We can have a look through the rest of it. We might find something.”

“Like what?” asked Ben.

“I do not know. Just something. Anything that might be worth having. No-one else wants what is here, do they?”

Matt shrugged his shoulders in agreement and they wandered off down the far wall towards the other end of the factory. There was a fair bit of light coming through the windows today so it was not too gloomy.

Matt caught Bens arm, “What is that over there?”

“Dunno. Let’s go see.”

As the two boys approached the form on the floor ahead of them, the foul smell grew in intensity and they began to hear a buzzing noise which got more intense the closer they got. The small was really bad now and it made Matt and Ben gag a bit. As the took a few more steps, they realized that the buzzing was from flies and the stench was from the shape that was, in fact, that of the body of a man.

Unable to tear their eyes away, they saw flies covering the dried blood that was all over the man. Then they saw his face. It seemed at first to move a little. Then they realized that it was covered in a writhing mass of maggots.

They both threw up simultaneously and ran for their lives.


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