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The Widows Blade

The Widows Blade Chapter One
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The Widows Blade

An excerpt from The Widows Blade, a work in progress.

After interviewing the boys they realized that they were going to have a difficult time tracking down the second man from the warehouse. There were no security cameras anywhere near the old factory site, and those that used to be inside the building had long since disappeared.

Back at the warehouse, the Coroner was just finishing up. “Mark, what have you got for me?”

At fifty-five years of age, Mark Thompson had been a Forensic Pathologist for nearly twenty-five years and was very respected by his peers. The normally darkened warehouse was now lit by the equipment Mark had requested urgently upon his arrival at the murder scene. There were several floodlights placed at a distance of around ten yards from the body, powered by a generator that was mounted on a trailer.

“Not much I am afraid. Garrotted, most likely with a piece of wire. Given the state of decomposition of the body, and the development of the larvae, dead at least a week. I should be able to give you a precise day after he is on the slab. The amount of blood here means he was killed here, so you do not need to go looking for a kill site.”

“Oh, we are pretty confident we know on which day he died from our witnesses.”

“You have witnesses?

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